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Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills fails to resurrect the franchise. But that was as predictable as the fact that Michael Myers is indestructible, no?


This visually sumptuous space opera is sure to please new audiences and Dune fans alike.

Stuck Together

Stuck Together makes for an at times amusing look at our shared bonds during this pandemic, but doesn’t quite succeed.

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50 years of a Chicago weekly

The history of the Reader reflects the larger history of newspaper publishing in the United States. This timeline traces the paper’s changing fortunes over the course of a half-century.

Kinky or killer?

During a trial over a grisly murder, prosecutors and journalists alike traded in homophobic, sex-negative tropes that some say do a disservice to the victim and the BDSM community.

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Lamb captures grief by oscillating between the beautiful and the horrific.

City Life

B is for Bobcat, Brown N’ Loud Market, and ‘booty bounce’ in this week’s round-up

B is also for bountiful, and there’s no shortage of intriguing events to check out this week, whether you’re looking for serious onstage drama, a musical meditation on Chicago’s lakeshore environment, or a celebration of Black women, queer, trans, femme, and/or gender nonconforming people.  Fri 10/22 Shattered Globe Theatre, in association with Interrobang Theatre Project,…

City Life Continued

Tickled pink

“When I walk outside and I’m wearing something pink I feel very girly, which I really like,” says Cheyenne Williams, 19, an early childhood education student at DePaul. “Cutesy and pink, that’s my motto,” she says, while sporting an impeccable Lolita-like ensemble.  “I always put my outfit together the night before, no matter where I’m…

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