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Bad memories

Ryan Murphy’s Impeachment tells a Bill Clinton story a lot of Democrats would just as soon forget.

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The cost of living

Despite a move to make HIV prevention drugs free through insurers, those living with the virus fear high prices and endless red tape.

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For beer, FOBAB

The Festival of Wood and Barrel-Aged Beer returns this weekend with an in-person event at Credit Union 1 Arena.


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Farewell, my lovely jumpsuit

Every time I opened my closet, I saw the jumpsuit. Thick denim, dark blue, with a wide 70s-style lapel—beautiful, even on the hanger. Whenever I spotted it, my heart sank. Because it used to fit me, and now it didn’t. I know all bodies change, but I feel betrayed when mine does. Over 18 months…

City Life Continued

Comfort in the face of the unknown

The numbers boggle the mind. More deaths than AIDS in 40 years, the most recent epidemic in recent memory. More deaths than the 1918 influenza pandemic, previously the deadliest disease event in American history. More deaths than the U.S. Civil War, the deadliest conflict in our nation’s history. More deaths. More. More. More.  The COVID-19…