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50 years of a Chicago weekly

The history of the Reader reflects the larger history of newspaper publishing in the United States. This timeline traces the paper’s changing fortunes over the course of a half-century.

Kinky or killer?

During a trial over a grisly murder, prosecutors and journalists alike traded in homophobic, sex-negative tropes that some say do a disservice to the victim and the BDSM community.

Minding the age gap

Just because you drove to another state to hook up with a teenager doesn’t mean you weren’t the victim of sexual assault.

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Growing for Good with Green Thumb

Fully Free Campaign: Directly impacted individuals changing laws and creating opportunities

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Lamb captures grief by oscillating between the beautiful and the horrific.

El Planeta

Like the films of French master Philippe Garrel, conceptual artist and filmmaker Amalia Ulman’s feature debut is both of its time and yet somehow not.

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Ray of sunshine

“I would love Chicago to be a fashion center like NYC,” says yoga teacher Bradshaw Wish, 32, who was doing his part while grocery shopping on a sunny Friday afternoon. Not styled for any special occasion, Wish says he simply “loves to dress up.” That day his styling process started with the dress, followed by…

October is golden

The Reader turns 50 today, and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate our golden anniversary than by checking out some of the events that give our city (and surrounding areas) a cultural glow and make us happy to be here. Cheers! Fri 10/1: Fall is here and Pride has returned! This weekend…

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