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Welcome to the skate park

OnWord Skate Collective embraces skaters of all ages and abilities, prioritizing women, trans, nonbinary, and gender-nonconforming people.

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Studio WIP celebrates risk-taking and creativity at their Spray Paint n’ Sip Workshops

Tap into your inner street artist and receive a special Pride discount when you book a workshop at their Chicago or Evanston location this June. Street art is a familiar sight around Chicago, but the average Chicagoan has probably never imagined painting a mural across an expansive brick wall or adding graffiti to an outdoor…

Magic Ride

“I like to go for anything that draws attention and is kinda funky and out there,” says 20-year-old Joey Prette, already a senior stylist at Free People and a musical theater student at Roosevelt University. “Usually I’d be wearing my flower earrings, but I forgot them today,” they say while sporting green, their favorite color. …

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