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The Sports Section

In the final year of his career, Walter Payton–the leading rusher and leading touchdown scorer in National Football League history–became a blocking back. No other single fact says so much about the uniqueness of Payton the team football player and Payton the athlete. No other great NFL running back accepted a similar role at the […]

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Shell Game

He must have boarded the el at Lawrence. Maybe Berwyn. I can’t remember, it was only my third day in Chicago and only the third time I’d ridden the train. My attention was caught by his deep and resonant voice. I couldn’t make out his words, but the pulse of his speech was quick and […]

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The City File

Ooh! Oh! Ouch!! The Northwest Indiana Symphony recently offered a program featuring Channel Seven’s Mike Adamle narrating “Freddy the Football”–“a lighthearted look at football from the football’s viewpoint.” Does money grow on planes? Yes, according to James Unger in Economic Development News (November 1987). “Large volume airports are generating peripheral mini-cities that pump billions of […]

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The Straight Dope

I have an old apartment complete with old pipes and I’ve noticed an annoying phenomenon when I turn on the hot water. At first it comes blasting out, but within a short time it slows to a trickle, as though a poltergeist were under the floor squeezing the pipe. What gives? The pipe stays the […]

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Leave It to Psmith

LEAVE IT TO PSMITH City Lit Theater Company at the Immediate Theatre Perfectly reflective though they are of their own long-gone time and place–upper- and upper-middle-class England in the first third of this century–I can’t imagine P.G. Wodehouse’s comic stories and novels ever seeming dated. Some of the language, certainly, is quaint and peculiar to […]