Perez worked for Aurora’s mayoral department of communications for four years and was the director of community engagement for West Aurora School District 129 for over a year. Alderpersons Pat Dowell and Jeanette Taylor have endorsed.

Image of a bullhorn denoting the candidate has an activist or organizer background.
Activist or organizer Credit: Amber Huff
Illustration of a suit coat and tie, denoting the candidate has political endorsment(s).
Political endorsement Credit: Amber Huff
Image of dove, indicating candidate supports more police accountability
Supports more police accountability Credit: Amber Huff

Candidate questionnaire responses:

  • Do you have experience as an activist or community organizer? Yes
  • Do you have experience interacting with CPD? Yes
  • Do you have experience working or interacting with government? Yes
  • Should the city hire more police officers? No*
  • Is CPD adequately funded? Yes: funding should stay about the same.
  • CPD reform: The police need training and some reform.
  • Mental health crises: Police should accompany healthcare workers to crises.

*I do not believe that we need to expand hiring; I think we should focus on filling in the vacancies that we currently have.

What do you consider the primary role of a police district councilor to be?

  • Establishing civilian control of the department
  • Helping the police do a better job
  • Communicating with the department on behalf of the community

Why are you running for Police District Council?

To increase transparency and accountability through modernization of communication and outreach efforts.