A socialist organizer, D’Antonio works with CAARPR and has been involved in the fight for community control of the police for five years.

Image of a bullhorn denoting the candidate has an activist or organizer background.
Activist or organizer Credit: Amber Huff
Image of dove, indicating candidate supports more police accountability
Supports more police accountability Credit: Amber Huff

Candidate questionnaire responses

  • Do you have experience as an activist or community organizer? Yes
  • Do you have experience interacting with CPD? Yes
  • Do you have experience working or interacting with government? Yes
  • Should the city hire more police officers? No
  • Is CPD adequately funded? Yes: funding should be reduced.
  • CPD reform: The police should be defunded or abolished.
  • Mental health crises: Police should not be involved in mental health crisis calls at all.

What do you consider the primary role of a police district councilor to be?

  • Establishing civilian control of the police department
  • Communicating with the department on behalf of the community

Why are you running for Police District Council?

I have been organizing for police accountability since 2017, starting with the campaign for full community control of the police. I have spoken with countless neighbors recount their own horror stories with policing and have seen the negative effects that these interactions have. Our neighborhoods are safe not because there is an abundance of police, but because our needs and those of our communities are met.

Every person in Chicago deserves to live in a safe community and we need a District Council member who will not back down or be intimidated by the Fraternal Order of the Police, or anyone else who would stop us from achieving a better, more equitable Chicago. Now that we have ECPS, I want to continue this effort and provide excellent services & resources to my neighbors so we can live in peace together.