The Chicago Reader accepts a very limited number of “Media Sponsor” or trade/barter opportunities, as we are incredibly limited in our inventory and staff availability to manage trade and barter partnerships. Please read the following carefully before filling out the form below.

  • The Chicago Reader is not able to accept 100% barter or trade partnerships. A minimum $500 cash or 50% quantifiable trade value is required for any media sponsorship.
  • 60 days of lead time is required for all sponsorship requests.
  • Any branded content included in media sponsorship must be labeled as “Sponsored Advertising” in print, online, or as “#SPONSORED and/or #AD” on social media.
  • The Chicago Reader very rarely has the ability to supply items for gift bags or attendees, including print copies.
  • Chicago Reader staffing of tables at events is on a strictly volunteer basis, and as such, can not be guaranteed. 
  • UPDATE 6-13-22:The Chicago Reader has limited availability for digital products, as we are consistently sold out in advance.

About the Chicago Reader

The Chicago Reader is the oldest free alternative weekly (now biweekly) in the U.S. Our audience is culturally engaged, community-focused critical thinkers we call “Chicagophiles.” The Reader is known for long-form news stories, comprehensive food, music, theatre, film, dance and art reviews, anchored by political and community reporting. The Chicago Reader prints 60,000 copies every other week; its digital audience numbers are as follows (as of June 1, 2022):

  • average monthly users: 817,220
  • Total Monthly Reach: 1.5M people
  • Twitter Followers: 287,429
  • Facebook Likes: 88,517
  • Instagram Followers: 70,295

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If the Chicago Reader is able to accept your media sponsorship proposal, you should hear back from us within 14 days. If you do not hear back from us, we are not able to be a media sponsor at this time.

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