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State of anxiety

With each passing day, I get more anxious about the Democratic strategy of promoting MAGA candidates like Darren Bailey in Republican primaries. Oh, I understand the logic—it’s an attempt to make sure they’re facing an opponent the polls show is easier to beat. In this case, internal Democratic polls apparently showed Bailey, an extremist, was […]

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Art on the south side, Dining Out for Life, and more

Through September 11, the University of Chicago’s Arts + Public Life initiative is celebrating 10 years of their artists-in-residence program (dubbed AIR) with the exhibition “All That Light.” The AIR program was originally conceived by artist Theaster Gates, and is jointly hosted by Arts + Public Life and the university’s Center for the Study of […]

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A musical class clown at 20

In the 20 years since Mark Hollmann and Greg Kotis’s gently irreverent and thoroughly catchy musical premiered, it’s become such a beloved staple among professional and amateur companies that it’s easy to forget about the odd footing upon which the show stumbled onto the Broadway stage. Originally scheduled to debut September 13, 2001, the vaudevillian, […]

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Galaxy cats

Nerds of many stripes will feel at home entering the magical portal that is Otherworld Theatre, a Wrigleyville-based theater company that specializes in science fiction and fantasy. Fancy a butterbeer before the show? A cozy reading nook inside the TARDIS? Eclectic lobby decor ranging from classic sci-fi book covers to modern fantasy artists? This theater […]

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Great Altercations needs alterations

There are half a dozen exceptionally talented individuals in the new Second City e.t.c. revue, Great Altercations. But that turns out to be a problem: they remain individuals rather than forming an ensemble. Nor is this inability to cohere merely a lack of performance rhythm: as the creation of sketch comedy requires collaboration during improvisation, […]

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Chicago singer-songwriter Claude makes dream pop for the youth, young and old

“I’m a twentysomething / Don’t you think it’s about time?” Chicago singer-songwriter Claudia Ferme, aka Claude, sighs on “Twenty Something,” which opens her debut full-length, A Lot’s Gonna Change (American Dreams). The track breathes and pulses through dream-pop heaven with swirling, chiming guitars and distant, mellow horns. It’s meant to be redolent of a certain […]

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WLUW’s Abstract Science celebrates 25 years with a 25-hour marathon broadcast

In July 2017, the hosts of WLUW 88.7 FM’s weekly electronic-music program, Abstract Science, celebrated the show’s 20th anniversary with a blockbuster 20-hour broadcast. (Gossip Wolf managed to tune in for a few of those hours, anyway. Sleep is important!) Those hosts include longtime selectors Chris Widman, Henry Self, Luke Stokes, Joshua P. Ferguson, and […]