If you and your loved one feel uncomfortable in traditional romantic settings, try treating each other to 11 Minutes Max: Soul Sisters With a License to Thrill–The Valentine Version. This late-night performance series provided an offbeat alternative to the usual holiday hype in its Christmas edition and now promises an unusual slant on love and life for Valentine’s Day. The “Cherubic Mistress of Ceremonies,” Paula Killen (who never fails to make you wonder where in the world she found that costume), provides fun ways for audience members to win special prizes that she’ll throw to the winners over everyone else’s head. She’ll also introduce an all-star, mostly female lineup, including Cindy Salach of the Loofah Method, Anita Loomis, Kristin Amondsen, Rennie Sparks, Julie Laffin, Jenny Magnus and her brother Bryn, and others. And if some of the acts don’t quite pass muster, thankfully they last no longer than 11 minutes. Bailiwick Repertory, Theatre Building, 1225 W. Belmont, 327-5252. February 12 through 26: Fridays, 11 PM. $7.