If Charles Berg’s new comedy, staged at Italian hot spot Vivo, doesn’t please you, chef Vicente Duran’s cooking will. The seven performers excel at blending in as waitstaff (and one ireful theater critic), but Berg’s script feels spotty and underdeveloped despite its occasional wit and agreeable quirkiness. In the first of several intended episodes, a failed actor returns to the restaurant owned by his father, now managed by his hard-as-nails brother. There’s also a play within the play, staged by one of the waiters, about a Peroni-imbibing zombie (the beer company, a show cosponsor, is shamelessly plugged). Standout performances come from Julian Martinez as the self-dramatizing would-be playwright and from Antonette Maci as winsome Peroni girl Isabella. Open run: Sun 7 PM, Vivo, 838 W. Randolph, 312-733-3379, $60 (includes a four-course dinner, excluding alcoholic beverages).