It should be mentioned up front that neither member of 2 White Guys is a white guy: this local sketch comedy duo consists of African-American male Jordan Peele and white female Rebecca Drysdale. What really makes 2 White Guys stand out from the crowd is how well they play to each other’s strengths. Peele employs a broad range of accents and facial expressions to create his characters, while the diminutive Drysdale throws herself into her roles with a manic energy. Some parts of their regular late-night Saturday show at ImprovOlympic fall a bit flat–when 2 White Guys shelve physical comedy in favor of punch lines, their scenes often succumb to inertia. But when they enliven their work with clever song parodies and slick dance moves, they’re dynamos. Hopefully they’ll cut some of the fat for their Chicago Improv Festival appearance this weekend (on a bill with New Zealand’s Improv Bandits and Toronto’s all-female sketch comedy troupe, the G.T.O.s) and their performances will tend toward the vibrant end of the spectrum. ImprovOlympic, 3541 N. Clark, Chicago, 773-880-0199. Open run: Saturdays, 10:30 PM. $9.50. The regular show on Saturday, April 29, is canceled so the group can appear in the Chicago Improv Festival at the Annoyance Theatre, 3747 N. Clark, Chicago, 312-902-1500 or 773-394-3540. Saturday, April 29, 9 PM. $10.