A.D.D.: ANOTHER DAY OF DISTRACTION, Serendipity Theatre Company, at the Chopin Theatre. At only 54 minutes, this depiction of Americans’ lack of concentration refuses to strain our presumably stunted attention spans. Performed on symbolically skewed scaffolding, these seven interwoven scenes by seven writers deliver a day’s worth of sensory overload, from small talk in noisy subways to a couple abandoning sex to watch a TV broadcast.

In this world everything’s a fragment–though that formulation falsely implies there’s a whole. Survivors in a postapocalyptic world where it never stops raining despair when they see people giving up their umbrellas. Onlookers to a crime refuse to get involved. Horrific visions of a gay man’s death or an abused wife’s revenge carry no more weight than robotic newscasts or commercials for Fat Blaster or a “happy bug” suppository.

The lack of an underlying theme is of course the point of this jumble. But it’s also a problem. In this hodgepodge, satirical sketches about how Superman must beg because he lost his federal funding or how Magritte is to blame for exposing artistic illusions seem irrelevant. But Jeremy Getz’s staging gives the material a thrust that defies the arbitrariness. His seven cast members have talent to spare, and their intensity both fuels and directs the overstimulation. Note: Audience members are encouraged to turn on their cell phones and beepers as loud as possible.

–Lawrence Bommer