Credit: William Frederking

With “Built by Fault,” the Dance COLEctive‘s Margi Cole takes a giant step in a new direction. The kick in the pants for Cole was her participation in the Solo Performance Commissioning Project led by Deborah Hay, a driving force in the Judson Dance Theater revolution of the 1960s. Cole was part of an international cadre of 20 experienced dancers who traveled to Findhorn, Scotland, where Hay created a movement “score” that each participant then interpreted individually with Hay’s feedback. Afterward, they signed a contract requiring that they practice their pieces every day for at least three months. For Cole, it’s been five. The detailed, subtle, ever-evolving result, I Think Not, is supposed to be seen in the round; it’ll premiere in a proscenium theater, but some stage sleight of hand and Cole’s exhilarating new way of moving—she calls it “inviting being seen”—should help pull the audience in. The process Cole underwent with Hay seems also to have energized and liberated the other premiere on the program, a group piece titled Moving Stories. Exploring the concept of home and revolving around the dancers’ tales of changing addresses, it’s indeed deeply stirring. Cole’s combative Pull Taut, which debuted a year ago, is also on the bill.