MidTangent Productions shakes up Shakespeare in Tony Lewis’s version of midsummer madness, which includes cross-dressing, same-sex lovers, a leather lord of the “faggot” fairies, and riotous rave dancing, choreographed by Bill Janisse. The Bard’s potions are now pills; the wood is now a hood. The verse is freely (but not always excusably) altered, as in “What fools these breeders be!” And Titania exclaims “Holy shit!” when she first and last sees Bottom, here a literal dickhead. No surprise, Shakepeare’s poetry is DOA. Democratically diverse and exuberantly offensive, this crudely executed rogue Dream never really comes up with a consistent rainbow vision for Shakespeare’s play, picking and choosing what to queerify and what, like “Pyramus and Thisbe,” to play straight. Still, it’s fun summer fluff. Through 7/10: Fri-Sun 8 PM. Sun 6/26, 8 PM and midnight. Link’s Hall, 3435 N. Sheffield, 773-472-1773. $12-$15.