Shakespeare’s verse becomes indistinguishable prattle as the performers in this Theater o’ th’ Absurd adaptation race through the Bard’s poetry like schoolchildren desperate to get to the end of a speech. The rapid-fire delivery might usually be considered a problem, but here it’s welcome. Despite the occasional random reference to contemporary life in Humboldt Park, added by adapter-director Django R. Baker, this awkward staging is over in an intermissionless 100 minutes. There’s no evidence that the “actors” understand what they’re saying as they recite the lines insincerely, and at odd moments we’re asked to endure painful singing. Also, the show is playing at three different Park District venues, and the production values are atrocious. Through 11/4: Wed-Thu 7:30 PM. Mon 11/1, 7:30 PM. Berger Park Cultural Center, 6205 N. Sheridan, 773-419-5001 or 877-505-6299. Also through 11/5: Fri 7:30 PM, Sun 2:30 PM. Loyola Park, 1230 W. Greenleaf, 773-419-5001 or 877-505-6299. Also through 11/6: Sat 7:30 PM. Humboldt Park, 1440 N. Humboldt, 773-419-5001 or 877-505-6299. $8-$12.