Many young Chicago theater companies hope to compensate for deficiencies in acting and directing with brash, experimental styles. But Pentimento Pictures is not one of them. The members of this spin-off of Theatre of the Reconstruction have the wisdom and maturity to avoid all that. Their deft rendition of Tennessee Williams’s perfectly constructed short play, A Perfect Analysis Given by a Parrot, cuts deep into the hearts of Flora (Patricia Duff) and Bessie (Jenifer Gwenne Weber), two soon-to-be old maids (circa 1930) as they desperately search for laughs–and men at the annual convention of the Loyal Order of the Sons of Mars. The play is followed by a refreshing mix of space-age, classical, and other music courtesy Alleyne Hoyt on amplified violin and Bruce Mak on guitar synthesizer. Hoyt and Mak then provide background music for The Dimmed Heart, Duff’s dance/drama about a bohemian whose cozy life is interrupted when her drug-addicted neighbor (Peggy Dunne) comes begging for money. The Dimmed Heart feels like a free-spirited 1960s experimental play but it evolves into a contemporary fable addressing the pertinent issues of drug abuse, homelessness, and philanthropy. Rhinoceros Theatre Festival, Curious Theatre Branch, Thursday, August 27 (1900 W. North) and Latino Chicago Theater Company, Saturday, August 29 (the Firehouse, 1625 N. Damen). 10 PM. $7. 235-1944.