Oh Sh#t! It's Haunted! Credit: Courtesy of the artist

For the opening of its 27th season, Factory Theater presents Oh Sh#t! It’s Haunted!, a spooky Scooby-Doo-inspired, Polish-themed mystery written by Scott OKen and directed by Manny Tamayo. Henry Aldrichzewski (Jose Cervantes) and his cohort of idiot friends band together in order to assist Ma Aldrichzewski (Christy Arington) in finding somewhere to host the Polish American Festival, preferably somewhere with a staging area to cook pierogies and kołaczki. The old Lockwood place owned by creepy old geezer Peter Jasonczevik (Eric Frederickson) becomes the sought-after venue— except for the fact that it’s haunted by a band of ghost musicians. Mrs. Ingersson (Stacie Barra), the hilariously corrupt money-grubbing landlord, has her eyes on acquiring the haunted old Lockwood place as well.

Fredrickson’s Peter and Barra’s Mrs. Ingersson kept the production rolling with their sinister over-the-top appearances, like true Scooby-Doo villains. The ghost band—complete with a Jimi Hendrix look-alike—didn’t really fit into the story. But the killer opening dance number and the homage to Scooby and the gang add up to a fun time. Oh sh#t! It wasn’t terrible!  v