Credit: Mary Rafferty

This photo of Harold Green and his handwritten answer to the question “What is it like to be a writer?” is an extension of my ongoing portrait project “Do you see me?” While you could label Harold a poet he is so much more. He is the creator of albums, videos, plays, and the architect and curator of “Flowers for the living” on July 14, an annual project with some of the best singers and musicians in Chicago.
—Mary Rafferty

It’s been nights
these pages pulled me
Right out the bed
Sat me right down
and pulled my hand right in
The power of a pen
Right when they thought they had me
I wrote a new narrative
Penned myself in or out of the script
Gave the plot a facelift
Shape shifter
Burden lifter
I took that stress
Outta flesh
and presented it in strokes
Helped me cope with hope
and all it’s failings
Ink stainings
on the sides of hands
The tattoos of a left-handed writer  v