Ten years? Really? The Other Dance Festival celebrates its longevity with a longer fest: four weeks, up from three last year. Each week’s lineup is different. The first program (Thu-Fri 9/8-9/9) includes big guns Lucky Plush Productions and Hedwig Dances, as well as the fest’s host, the Chicago Moving Company, premiering Ashen Wing by founder/artistic director Nana Shineflug. Independent choreographer Darrell Jones celebrates the intersection of black and fabulous in his semi-vogueing trio Hoo-Ha (Eat This Remix). Peter Carpenter continues his toothy political series with the new Rituals of Abundance for Lean Times #4: Divisions of Labor. And Raizel Performances presents Foreign Policy, an excerpt from an upcoming “modern-dance musical.” Fest highlights include a flash mob (Sat 9/24, noon, Randolph Street Market, 1340 W. Washington) and preshow “video lounges” screening work by relocated ODF alums. Further down the line look for contributions from Shu Shubat of revered drumming dance group Jellyeye and Matthew Hollis, aka Mattrick Swayze, who returns with his ace cheerleading squad, the Power of Cheer.