The Pintig Cultural Group–which has focused on the Filipino-American immigrant experience for ten years–shouldn’t bother with scripts as bereft of hope and meaning as Larry Leopoldo’s adaptations of three short stories by Filipino-American writer Bienvenido Santos. “Scent of Apples” ends before it really begins, and “Immigration Blues”–in which two sisters scam a retiree for a green card–is basically an attenuated setup for a randy punch line. Only “The Day the Dancers Came” approaches the gracefulness of the company’s better work, as a fortysomething man tape-records his innermost thoughts while his roommate lies slowly dying on the couch. One man wants to communicate with the other but can’t; the other can but won’t. In the production’s most beautifully realized moment, both sit together and say nothing at all–a minute of stark, excruciating silence that almost redeems the entire production. Almost. 5/19-6/18: Thu-Sat 8 PM, Sun 3 PM. No show Sun 5/22. Chicago Cultural Center, studio theater, 78 E. Washington (enter at 77 E. Randolph), 773-973-1521. $10-$12.