In Arthur Miller’s proletarian tragedy, Eddie’s a longshoreman with a profound case of the hots for his niece, Catherine, whom he raised from childhood to her current state of ripeness. When she falls for a young immigrant, Eddie doesn’t take it well. At all. Miller’s attempt to apply Aristotelian conventions to 1950s Brooklyn backfires at times: a lawyer serving as chorus recalls no one so much as the criminologist from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. But there are plenty of potentially powerful moments. The confrontation between Eddie and Catherine’s beau, in particular, could be devastating. It’s not, though, because Mary Pat Sieck and her Open Door Repertory Company cast lack the chops. David Schultz’s Eddie evokes no danger; Abbey Borkin’s Catherine, no sex. Through 11/13: Fri-Sat 8 PM, Sun 2 PM. Hatch School Auditorium, 1000 N. Ridgeland (enter on Harvey, east side of building), Oak Park, 708-802-1723. $12-$15.