Making Yippie: The author of Woodstock Nation is invoked as the inspiration for this theatrical showcase scheduled to commemorate the 1969 Woodstock festival. Seeking to stimulate a communal spirit (which may be enhanced by sleep depivation), the Mary-Arrchie Theatre has organized each of the festival’s three days as a nearly nonstop procession of entertainment. Informality and spontaneity are the orders of the day. Whether the same is true of punctuality remains to be seen; the schedule listed below, provided by festival coordinator Richard Cotovsky at the beginning of the week, may be subject to change and the whim of fate. Unofficial highlights to watch for include the theater companies changing sets–even though there’s no time allotted for that in the schedule and Cotovsky’s periodic dance-mime interpretation of Jethro Tull’s “Aqualung.” Mary-Arrchie Theatre, August 14 through 16 (Angel Island, 731 W. Sheridan, 871-0442). Friday through Sunday, according to the following schedule. $5 per show; $1O for a one-day pass; $25 or a pass to the full festival.


OPENING CEREMONY led by Richard Cotovsky in the persona of Abbie Hoffman. 7 PM.

PIECES OF EIGHT This improv comedy troupe relies heavily on audience participation. 7:30 PM.

DIARY OF A MADMAN Nikolay Gogol’s story about a nut case in czarist Russia is adapted and performed by Rush Pearson. Reviewing the show’s 1991 run at the Prop Theatre, Reader critic Jack Helbig said that Pearson “keeps us riveted to him, worrying about his fate even as he slips into a hilariously delusionary world.” 7:5 5 PM.

NEW WORKS BY CYNTHIA CAPONERA The playwright and actress offers samples of her recent efforts. 9: 10 PM.

STARBUG Chris Metzger’s sci-fi serial concerns an outer space insect and his fight against evil. Every performance of Starbug during the festival will feature a different episode. 9:50 PM.

GAS MASK 101 Arlene Cook’s weirdly wistful portrait of college guys fretting over the draft in 1970–the era of campus protests, guilt-free dope, and sexually segregated dorms–is performed by the Mary-Arrchie Theatre. 1O PM.

PORTFOLIO Crushed Petunia Productions presents Tom Dougherty’s play. 10:55 PM.

THE COLONEL’S LADY W. Somerset Maugham’s study of marital infidelity is directed by Duane Sharp for the MaryArrchie Theatre. 11 PM.

FOUR BY GINSBERG Yakov Neiditch assumes Alen Ginsberg’s persona to perform a group of his poems under the auspices of the Genghis Khan and His Destroyer theater company. 11:30 PM.

THE THIRD PLAY The Rare Terra theater performs a trio of short plays about “life on the other side.” 11:50 PM.


BETTY PAGE TALKS SIN: A LECTURE/DEMONSTRATION And you thought Murphy Brown was controversial. The 1950s pinup model (portrayed by Ariel Brenner in this show from Labor-O-Love Productions) reflects on family values. Herb Lichtenstein directs his own script. 12:20 AM.

RETURN OF THE BITCH … THE THIRD COMING … SKID MARK’S NOCTURNAL EXCRETIONS This “collection of monologues and improv-based sketches that take us on a nightmarish journey to heart of the late-night urban landscape … has going for it an interesting mood and some humorous moments, but it’s too uneven and haphazardly structured,” says Reader critic Adam Langer. 1:15 AM.


ACTORS’ JAM SESSION Improv games, etc. 10 AM.

WILD DOGS Matt Borczon’s play concerns “two males [who] turn their hostility toward women on each other,” said Reader critic Tom Valeo when he reviewed this Mary-Arrchie Theatre production at the 1991 Off Off Loop Theater Festival. 11:30 AM

STARBUG See listing under Friday, August 14. Noon.

THE MARY-ARRCHIE KIDS’ SHOW Richard Cotovsky directs a program of fairy tales. 12:30 PM.

FIESTA BOY IN A TEN JOINT TOWN Brian Kirst’s poetic performance piece is described as “a search for our shadowed self in a nation and generation divided.” It’s presented by Theatre Wyrzuc and the Civitas theater. 1:40 PM.

HER JEWELS “A twisted, troubled woman … untangles her sexual past” as Gall Richman performs S.L. Daniels’s play. 2 PM.

COFFEE TIME Self-styled troubadour Noel Olken reminisces about his stint as a Parisian street performer in the 1980s, in this performance piece previously seen at Club Lower Links. 2:30 PM.


THE BEER CAN COLLECTOR To recycle or not to recycle. An artist’s obsession with his can collection is the subject of Chaos Theatre’s show. 4:50 PM.

DEGREES This ensemble’s program of sketches “mixes topical issues with comic and dramatic overtones” according to a press release from the Whip as Usual Productions. 5:30 PM.

IMAGINING BRAD Peter Hedges’s dark comedy about two women responding to their abuse by men was called “a grotesque little fable” by Reader critic Mary Shen Barnidge when she reviewed its Mary-Arrchie Theatre production this spring. 6:15 PM.

THANKS FOR COMING Audience-participation improv comedy. 7 PM.

FIESTA BOY IN A TEN JOINT TOWN See listing above. 7:50 PM.

JACK, OR THE SUBMISSION Eugene Ionesco’s absurdist comedy is directed by Dan Torbica for the Fare Terra theater. 8: 10 PM.

FIVE DAY OUTLOOK Caren Skibell performs an original piece. 9 PM.

THE BUDDHIST CAR or SCHTICK “Dramatic fool” Drew Richardson will perform one or the other–or (who knows?) maybe both or neither–of these solo works. 9:30 PM.

PORTFOLIO See listing under Friday, August 14. 10: 10 PM.


STARBUG See listing under Friday, August 14.11:05 PM.

A WOMAN ALONE This monologue by the Italian radical satirists Dario Fo and Franca Rame, presented by Nightscape Productions, features Julia Fabris as a housewife who reveals her life during a conversation with a neighbor. 11:15 PM.

CHONK Chongo’s Bongo Village performs a “mythical musical:’ 11:55 PM.


THE COLONEL’S LADY See listing under Friday, August 14.12:40 AM.

PIECES OF EIGHT See listing under Friday, August 14. 1 AM.

BITCH WITH RICH Kvetch as kvetch can, in this audience-participation rap and rant session led by Richard Cotovsky. 1:25 AM.

HANNAH GALE does comic performance. 3 AM.

TO BE ANNOUNCED 3:30 to 10 AM.

THE THIRD PLAY See listing under Friday, August 14. 10 AM.

JACK, OR THE SUBMISSION See listing under Saturday, August 15. 10:30 AM.

WILD DOGS See listing under Saturday, August 15.11:30 AM.


IMAGINING BRAD See listing under Saturday, August 15. 1:15 PM.

HER JEWELS See listing under Saturday, August 15.2 PM.


A WOMAN ALONE See listing under Saturday, August 15. 3 PM.

THE BUDDHIST CAR or SCHTICK See listing under Saturday, August 15. 3:45 PM.

FOUR BY GINSBERG See listing under Friday, August 14. 4:25 PM.

THE BEER CAN COLLECTOR See listing under Saturday, August 15. 4:45 PM.


LIVE WITH JIM BURRELL Burrell’s performance incorporates video, music, and live monologue. 6:30 PM.

PRELUDE TO A QUICHE The hopefully named Famous in the Future comedy troupe performs a revue of songs and sketches. 7 PM.

HER JEWELS See listing under Saturday, August 15. 7:45 PM.

PORTFOLIO See listing under Friday, August 14. 8:15 PM.

PRESCRIBED BUT NOT REFILLABLE ]Richard Cotovsky performs his own autobiographical comedy about a pharmacist’s life crisis. This Mary-Arrchie Theatre production was described as “essentially a mood piece [that] feels like a memory, remote and ritualistic” by Reader critic Tom Boeker when he reviewed its premiere earlier this summer. 8:25 PM.

STARBUG See listing under Friday, August 14. 9:30 PM.

JACK, OR THE SUBMISSION or IMAGINING BRAD One or both of these selections may or may not be offered. See listings under Saturday, August 15. 9:40 PM.

GAS MASK 101 See listing under Friday, August 14. 11 PM.

CLOSING CEREMONY hosted by Richard Cotovsky as Abbie Hoffman. 11:50 PM.