The real-life romance of philosopher Peter Abelard and his young student Heloise is a 12th-century Romeo and Juliet story. Only this couple’s problem was not a family feud: the outspoken Abelard had many enemies in the church, including the uncle of brainy beauty Heloise. The couple were secretly married, then forced to separate, but their letters proved they remained deeply in love. Their emotional connection fails to come through, however, in this flat production of Ronald Millar’s 1970 play by Lincoln Square Theatre of Chicago. C. Sean Piereman and the feisty Annamarie MacLeod’s scenes alone together are among the show’s briefest–far more attention is paid to establishing the historical context, which makes for an interesting but passionless tale. Through 4/2: Thu-Sat 8 PM, Sun 6 PM, Lincoln Square Community Arts Center, Berry Memorial United Methodist Church, 4754 N. Leavitt, 773-275-7930, $5-$15.