Developed by S.O.S. Productions (apt), this performance has no single writer or director–and that shows in the flat dialogue, derivative characters, lamely executed stunts, and amateurish comic timing, which belies the cast’s extensive improv training. A ramshackle set doesn’t benefit from the Cornservatory’s junior high band-room stage. Supposedly a sitcom about office workers foiling the Big Brother schemes of Homeland Security agents, the show deals mostly in banal bestiality jokes. Of course all this juvenile humor does provoke a few “why did I laugh at that?” moments. The show is spared utter futility by Mark Piszczor–imagine Christopher Walken playing The Matrix’s Agent Smith–delivering lines like “That’s the smell of fuck off” and by the free PBR handed out before the show. Through 2/3: Fri 8 PM. Then 2/12-2/26: Sun 7 PM, Cornservatory, 4210 N. Lincoln, 708-715-3646, $8.