Adrian Tomine and Seth (aka Gregory Gallant) are two of the most celebrated comic artists of the moment, both welcomed into the New Yorker’s fold while still widely adored by the fans who’ve followed their work for more than a decade. In the latest installment of Tomine’s serial Optic Nerve, a young Asian-American movie theater manager beds his first white girl and his mouthy lesbian friend Alice gets kicked out of school for kicking another girl in the crotch. It’s standard Tomine fare–confused, sexually awkward urbanites failing to connect–and as such it’s fictional discomfort food that leaves you asking for more. Seth, in his series Palookaville, has also focused on satisfyingly alienated mopes, but in his new book, Wimbledon Green, he lightens up a bit. The title character is a rotund, bespectacled, walrus-mustached comic collector who’s both the envy and bane of his peers. Via their recollections, plus a madcap adventure in which Green chases down a prize comic book, Seth pokes fun at a collector culture he knows firsthand. His appreciation for bygone eras comes through in the book’s setting, a world detailed with anachronistic Americana and peopled by characters who’d look right at home in the 1930s. Mon 11/7, 7 PM, Quimby’s Bookstore, 1854 W. North, 773-342-0910.