This concert marks a couple of firsts for choreographer Adriana Durant: it’s the first show by her all-female company and it’s the first time her work has been performed in Chicago in a place other than Link’s Hall, where Durant was an artist in residence a few years ago. In an unintended feat of numerical synchronicity, she’s presenting four pieces, each a quartet, on this program; three are reworked versions of earlier dances, while the fourth, Control That, is new. My favorite of the bunch is Shadow Box, in which one dancer seems invisible to the rest yet has a subtle influence on them. Full of cannily repeating shapes, the piece suggests not only shadows but parallel universes; Josh Abrams’s original score, full of buzzy or screechy strings and wandering piano notes, underscores the spiky limbs of Durant’s choreography. Shadow Box also works well because of its odd-woman-out structure–some of the other quartets too often break down into two duets. Dive On is the most kinetic piece, using dynamic textures–the dancers pause to look at one another, then burst back into the work’s characteristic kicks and leaps–to build to a full-out conclusion. Control That sometimes has the look of a competition, with dancers switching places to adopt what seem ready-set-go poses. And Sugar explores female companionship and the impulse that separates some from the herd: while three of the women touch themselves on the face, neck, and shoulders in a self-involved way, one dancer stands off to the side and slaps her foot on the floor hard twice, as if to say, “I’m here and I’m different.” Ruth Page Center for the Arts, 1016 N. Dearborn, 773-550-8945. Opens Thursday, June 10, 8 PM. Through June 12: Friday-Saturday, 8 PM. $10-$12.