Illustrations by Ben Chlapek

Election season

Following the Van Dyke trial through the WBEZ podcast 16 Shots

Closed toes, bare ankles

Visiting Jackson Park before it’s too late

Less pressure to go out every night

Mid-Autumn Festival

September on the beach

Bowling season

The perfect storm, or the two weeks in October when sports are king

Four Frankensteins (and a panel discussion)

Indecent and Downstate, two plays with a better-than-even chance of being great

La Bohème at the Lyric

Ate9 performs with Chicago companies Visceral and Deeply Rooted at the Auditorium Theatre

Cards Against Humanity: Late Night Writers Room at the MCA

Michelle Obama’s memoir, Becoming

Johnnie To retrospective at Doc Films

Roy Kinsey and Tasha are dropping new albums

The MC50 reunion tour

Say Cheese Fest

Fermentation Fest

Fall pastry

Mexico in a Bottle