The experiences of the German women who resisted, evaded, or supported Hitler make for compelling stories, but Shirley Lauro, who also wrote the hankie-wringing Piece of My Heart, doesn’t trust us to comprehend them. In this world premiere by the Chicago Jewish Theatre, Nazi Germany is reduced to one country-bred maiden, three patrician schoolgirls, and a recruiting-poster Reichsfrau whose accent and swagger fall just short of Mel Brooks parody. Under Greg Kolack’s direction, the performers attack their roles with gusto–especially Anna Carini as the hearty country girl (whose faint German accent is only slightly more exotic than the schoolgirls’ straight-English acting-class deliveries). But as the atrocities pile up amid triumphant chortling from the leather-clad villainess, the resulting comic-book effect only detracts from any potential emotional response. Through 7/10: Thu 8 PM, Sat 8 PM, Sun 2 and 7 PM. Red Hen Productions, Kenneth LeTraunik Theatre, 5123 N. Clark, 773-728-0599. $25.