In this musical alliance between Italy and America, the Italian side is being represented by Chiara Benati (from Bologna) and Silvana di Lotti (Turin), the American side by Libby Larsen (Minneapolis) and local composers Rami Levin and Janice Misurell-Mitchell. Benati, who will speak after the concert, is considered an important emerging voice on the European scene. Her Variazioni su una sequenza di Maderna for harp (1991), achieves the almost impossible–transforming that rather limited instrument into a colorful chameleon imitating a variety of other instruments. from an ehtereal koto to am impetuous guitar, from a Baroque harpsichord into a quasi-electronic keyboard. her other piece on the program, Chthon, is scored for flute and percussion. Larsen, who will also be in attendance, is one of this country’s leading and most versatile composers. Her operas have garnered attention of late; Blackbird, Red Hills, scored for soprano, clarinet, and vibraphone and inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe’s paintings, is a good introduction to her vocal writings. Levin’s For Sitrya and Misurell-Mitchell’s After the History are heartfelt musings prompted by, respectively, the death of a friend’s child and the end of the cold war. Sunday, 2:30 PM, Fullerton Hall, Art Institute of Chicago, Michigan and Adams; 324-7970 or 822-9545.