All of the compositions on this program sponsored by the midwest chapter of American Women Composers are by women, but that in itself would mean very little if it weren’t for the extraordinary creativity that each of these composers displays. Janice Misurell Mitchell’s Transfusions is a brassy bebop romp emphasizing canon and musical gesture, while Laurie Lee Moses’s Raindrum Song asks the musical question: what if Charlie Parker had jammed within a sea of electronic sonorities? Ruth Lomon’s Furies is a wind study in rhythmic outbursts and register extremes viewing the Doppler effect from a musical perspective, while Marilyn Shrude’s Evolution V, scored for alto sax and sax quartet, explores the virtually uncharted waters of the subtler aspects of the saxophone. Mary Stolper will also perform a solo flute work by Darleen Cowles Mitchell, and the Exsultate Trio with soprano Maria Lagios will perform a work by Patricia Morehead. Part of the 1990 New Music Chicago spring festival. Tonight, 7:30 PM, Rhona Hoffman Gallery, 215 W. Superior; 663-1313 or 477-1379.