AMY’S VIEW, Organic Theater Company. The Organic Theater seems to like nothing better than putting on bogus English accents in something really British and irrelevant. David Hare’s toothless, ever so slightly left-wing attack on celebrity and the media in Thatcher and post-Thatcher Britain fits the bill perfectly. In a little more than two hours, in a play focused on a mother-daughter relationship, Hare touches on a number of fascinating topics–selling out, staying sane, dabbling in high finance–without penetrating any of them deeply enough to do more than tut-tut. Instead he delivers four acts of unfocused, emotionally distant, unsuccessfully intellectual material.

The last thing a Hare play needs is a director without a point of view and a cast who think it’s enough to put on the right accent and speak their lines clearly. But that’s what Amy’s View gets in this production, which heightens Hare’s failings and neglects his strength: he’s a genuinely masterful writer of dialogue.

Part of the problem is casting. Organic regular Rohanna S. Doylida as the daughter doesn’t have much emotional range. But the deeper problem is Ina Marlowe’s direction. Mary Ann Thebus is quite marvelous as the slightly addled, highly successful middle-aged actress mother. But her inspired performance is lost in this vague, shallow interpretation of Hare’s vague, shallow play.

–Jack Helbig