For his latest solo show, premiering as part of Live Bait’s annual Fillet of Solo Festival, thrift-store archaeologist David Kodeski turns away from the journals of strangers, the basis of many past shows, to investigate the strangest relationships of all: those within families. Projections of faded photographs from Kodeski’s large blue-collar, Polish-Catholic clan in Niagara Falls provide the visual texture for this touching and sometimes acerbic portrait, which includes a short primer on Polish phrases, snippets of polka music, and Polish jokes that refer to renowned Poles like Copernicus and Roman Polanski. On opening night Kodeski still seemed uncertain of some lines and needed to smooth out a few transitions, but his attempt to give shape and meaning to the lives of his now-deceased parents will resonate with anyone who’s anguished over losing loved ones, in flesh and memory. Sat 7/30, 7:15 PM. Live Bait Theater, 3914 N. Clark, 773-871-1212. $10.