Andrew Weatherall would be a legend in dance music even if he’d done nothing but remix an obscure Primal Scream song called “I’m Losing More Than I Ever Had” in 1990. Retitled “Loaded,” the mix was one of the best singles of the decade, a swaggering merger of funk beats, rock guitar, and soul horns with a distinctly druggy feel; the track defined the early British rave scene, which Weatherall had helped birth as a club DJ. He worked with several other Brit-rock bands (Happy Mondays, James, Therapy?) but soon became better known for his dance-specific work–first with Sabres of Paradise, whose “Smokebelch II” became an early 90s club anthem, then with the more overtly experimental Two Lone Swordsmen. He still keeps up a busy DJ schedule and has released two mix CDs. Weatherall’s half of 1999’s double-disc Heavenly Presents Live at the Social Vol. 3 (the second disc is mixed by Richard Fearless) doesn’t really rev up until its final half hour, when the urgent chug of Silicone Soul’s percussion- and compu-noise-driven “All Night Long” ushers in a suite of catchy tech-house and skittering breakbeats. 2001’s Hypercity is more consistent, a keenly chosen tour through the catalog of the Cologne microhouse label Force Tracks featuring cuts (from M.R.I., Safety Scissors, Hakan Lidbo, and Luomo) that combine glossy beats, bass lines, and keyboard textures with glitches and static. Thursday, March 27, 10 PM, Smart Bar, 3730 N. Clark; 773-549-4140.