The setup for Miguel Mancillas’s 70-minute False Cognate is foreboding. Monica Kubli’s wonderfully textured set creates a small, high-ceilinged room with a tiny barred window high up on one wall. Ivonne Ortiz’s shifting lighting plays over the surface of this claustrophobic space, transforming it from a golden realm of possibility to a dark, menacing chamber. The score, commissioned from Chicago composer Corbett Lunsford, is alienating. Six dancers take turns center stage in the crowded performing area while the others watch or languish nearby, unconcerned. When two people dance together, their movements often suggest a stylized battle. Clearly there’s a psychological drama, even melodrama, at work, but it’s not always clear what it is. In an online description of False Cognate, Mancillas talks about “current forms of love and lack thereof,” about the way a chameleon survives by disguising itself, about frustration and violence. Based in Hermosillo, Mexico, Antares Danza Contemporanea (which appeared here last ten years ago) is the third and final group in the LatinoContempo Festival. The company holds a postperformance discussion Thursday, and Lunsford gives talks on Friday and Saturday at 7 PM that are free to ticket holders. Thu-Sat 3/16-3/18, 8 PM, Dance Center of Columbia College, 1306 S. Michigan, 312-344-8300, $20-$24. There’s a family-oriented matinee Sat 3/18, with a 2:15 PM movement workshop and a 3 PM performance; it’s $10, $6 for kids.