The children of Star Wars don’t all believe in better living through technology, judging by the 51 works by 34 artists, mostly students and recent graduates of the School of the Art Institute, in this provocative and admirably coherent show. Some of the works parody sci-fi imagery: Chris Reilly’s Mega Bot 85,000!! is a wonderfully goofy robot with yellow reflectors for eyes; Taylor Hokanson’s clever Palimpsest, constructed from found machine parts, resembles an antique printer, but it moves slowly and produces absolutely nothing. One of my favorites is Brian Bress’s elegantly precise Kneel, Neandroid!, a drawing almost nine feet wide that traces found images, combining plants and animals with ancient-looking men; some are partly colored, almost as if the composition hasn’t yet been fixed. My other favorite is Gisela Insuaste’s installation Ciudad #1, which she calls a “physical drawing.” She’s mixed various materials to make small abstract objects, then clustered most of them on the floor under an irregular network of wires, some of which droop like power lines downed in a storm. The mostly unnamable forms, many wrapped in paper, seem almost like the debris left after an explosion that’s somehow starting to coalesce into a new entity. School of the Art Institute Gallery 2, 847 W. Jackson, through October 11. Hours are 11 to 6 Tuesday through Saturday; 312-563-5162.