Though local MC Antimatter Bonecrusher (Rashad Abdul-Salaam) lets his ego take the wheel from time to time, at least he knows he’s doing it. He both flaunts and devalues his education (he has a master’s in social science from the U. of C.), jokingly tosses off rhymes about his methodology (“Not to sound too modest / But I’m exhausted from formulating a theory synonymous to the atomic hypothesis”), then claims he has a 365-day male period. He refers to his real self in the third person and saves first-person narratives for his other personae, one of which doesn’t just kidnap a boy but kills him and eats his intestines. The weirdness of the words is reflected in and amplified by the music: his latest CD, the self-released Cerebral-Spinal Music EP, is rife with sex-in-a-motel-with-hourly-rates melodies, beats that are consistently a split second slower than you’d expect, trippy synthesizer buzzes, and slightly sour vocal harmonies. Though he’s out of his gourd in almost every respect, it ain’t totally off-the-wall shit–he casually spits phrases that would tangle up plenty of MCs, and he boogies just enough vocally to show he’s interested. For this show he’s accompanied by Doomsday (a member of his group the Cipher Bullies) and DJ Aquil. Storm Before the Calm, Holga, and DJ Shakyhands open. Fri 1/14, 9:30 PM, Ida Noyes Hall, University of Chicago, 1212 E. 59th, third floor, 312-315-9035. All ages. Free.