Though Apparat (aka Sascha Ring) is rarely cited as a leading light of Berlin’s microhouse scene, his new jawn, Orchestra of Bubbles (Bpitch Control), may be just the thing to turn attention his way. A collaboration with his longtime girlfriend, Ellen Allien, whom he’s previously remixed (no double entendre intended), the record is urgent club glitz with a dark bent and a sexy, pulsing, 4 AM vibe. Switching between electro-bounce and Neu Deutsch synth with casual aplomb, Apparat isn’t afraid to let his music be linear and generous. Unlike many of his German contemporaries, he creates songs that are smart without getting lost in abstract attempts to push the boundaries of minimalism. These aren’t bedroom-nerd tracks–despite the man-and-his-laptop setup, Apparat is a bounce commander. M50, Miles Tilmann, Yard, and Chris Widman open. Tue 4/11, 10 PM, Smart Bar, 3730 N. Clark, 773-549-4140, $5.