On this program of seven mostly outstanding works by local filmmakers, Adele Friedman’s Marietta (2006), showing two men (and one of their mothers) in an elegant apartment, is one of her best. Her wide-angle lens and camera movements spread out the decor and figures before us, polymorphously embracing every detail with obsessive intensity. Chi-jang Yin’s Glass House (2005) uses various techniques to bring the architecture to life; for example, shadowy see-through figures underscore the way light undercuts the solidity of the interior it fills. Paul Lloyd Sargent’s Random Sampling #3 (2006) has an original take on sampling: we see the discarded strands of tape whose collaged sounds make up the track, which also plays over other images–birds, kids, a ball game–to suggest that we’re all creatures of media. Some of the artists will attend. 74 min. a Sat 2/24, 8 PM, Chicago Filmmakers.