This interactive romp by Jeff Rogers Productions works something like a mock casting call. Rogers and his cohorts, playing the producers of a fictitious play, put audience members through a variety of onstage paces as though they were auditioning. Theater folk will recognize simplified and sillified–OK, more sillified–versions of warm-up exercises and character-building techniques; kids and normal people may not, but that’s no impediment to joining in. “Volunteers” generally get plucked from their seats in groups of three, a smart moral-support strategy that also ensures the participation of a high percentage of the people in the 50-seat-or-so house. Come ready to act, but don’t sweat or fret too much: like the half-play, half-playground children’s theater from which it’s derived, Auditions Tonight isn’t terribly demanding of its conscripted thespians–or shooting for much more than high-spirited fun. Through 7/23: Thu-Sat 8 PM. Apollo Theater studio, 2540 N. Lincoln, 773-935-6100. $25-$30.