BAD ADVICE | The program for this late-night, long-form improv show includes caricatures of the four cast members looking exactly like the kids from South Park: moonfaced, big-eyed, noseless waifs. Tres apt, because Bad Advice picks up on South Park’s comic strategy of wrapping profane material in cute packages. Everything starts out seeming positively winsome–or at least middle-class–but then you meet the lady whose married boyfriend put an eggbeater through her head. (When he subsequently threatens to leave her, she tries to win him back by whipping him up an omelet.) The performers are good enough to wring some funny, interesting passages out of a convoluted tripartite improvisational structure. But they’re also capable of committing fundamental errors. At the performance I attended, Tony Janning was listening so poorly that he denied established realities. A very bad thing. Let’s hope it was an off night. Through 10/28: Thu 11 PM. Stage Left Theatre, 3408 N. Sheffield, 773-342-3575. $8.