A showcase for generally unknown pro, semipro, and student directors, this monthlong event features productions ranging from established classical and contemporary selections to untested material, all in the service of what Bailiwick press materials proclaim “a new world vision.” Bailiwick Repertory, Bailiwick Arts Center, 1229 W. Belmont, 883-1090. Through October 26: Mondays-Thursdays, 7:30 PM. $8 per program; each program features two or three one-acts packaged under a single title. In addition, a Halloween costume sale takes place at the theater Saturday, October 14, from noon to 5 PM. $1 admission; free for children; clothing prices range from $1 to $100.

The Reader runs festival listings on a week-by-week basis; following is the schedule for October 16 through 19.


Stylistically Speaking

A Murder of Crows, written by Mac Wellman and directed by Suellen Cottrill, concerns a woman’s attempt to “transcend . . . her humiliating, vulgar American life by resorting to meteorological prophecy”; Outlets, written by Conrad Bishop and Elizabeth Fuller and staged by Kirsten Kelly, is a collection of sketches exploring “the risk and pain of human expression”; and Two Bluebirds is director Lindsay Porter’s adaptation of a D.H. Lawrence story.


Theater of Sight and Sound

John Paul Torres directs Michael John LaChiusa’s Lucky Nurse, a musical about “four urban lives [who] cross to explore loneliness and companionship; They Sound Like What’s Coming Through the Window, directed by Terry Reardon, is presented by Kinetic Delta Cor, with Kristi Randall and saxophonist Jeremy Ruthrauff; and Terri McPhee directs The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe, the collection of character sketches that Jane Wagner wrote for Lily Tomlin.


New Beginnings

Fran Westbrook directs her adaptation of Shirley Jackson’s Come Dance With Me, about “the nature and uses of charity”; F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Babylon Revisited, adapted by Laura Annawyn Shamus and directed by Al Gerzen, concerns a man trying to restore what’s left of his life; and Brian I. Katz directs Jonathan Marc Sherman’s Women and Wallace, about a man’s sexual confusion.


Intriguing Assortments

Patricia Acerra directs Harold Pinter’s One for the Road; Rodger D. Kurth directs Terrence McNally’s Witness, about a would-be presidential assassin; and Errol McLendon directs Letty on a Bench, Jolene Goldenthal’s portrait of a homeless woman.