Dave and Megan Miller Credit: Lucy Hewett

Former BANG BANG PIE SHOP owners Dave and Megan Miller have spent the last year milling flour and baking breads and pastries (as well as making more substantial dishes) at Baker Miller Bakery & Millhouse, which they opened last September in Lincoln Square. Now, less than a mile west of the bakery, they’re opening Baker Miller General, a grocery store with a hot food bar. Dave Miller describes it as a “typical small-scale grocer,” offering produce, bread, coffee, grains, and the like, but with the addition of a hot bar where they’ll sell food to go. The addition of the store, he says, will give them extra kitchen space, allowing them to offer classes. That was high on their agenda when Baker Miller first opened, but it’s been impossible because of the open kitchen and the fact that most of the baking and prep work happens when the restaurant is closed. As for the location, Dave says, it’s very close to where he and Megan live, and they believe there’s a need for a grocer in the neighborhood.

Expected to open in mid-October. 4642 N. Francisco