Comedically capturing the frustration and self-absorption of teenagers, Band Geeks is an amalgam of teen angst and sports movie tropes with some Revenge of the Nerds-style raging-hormones humor thrown in for the late-night crowd. Becky Eldridge and Amy Petersen’s thin book plays on 80s stereotypes and the antagonism between music geeks and jocks, while Andy Eninger, who also directs, provides clunky keyboard-heavy songs. Yet somehow this show still manages to be entertaining. It helps that much of the acting is good: Dori Goldman’s insecure clarinetist, Cynthia Francesconi’s goth girl, and Max Stewart’s aloof football player in particular provoke instant flashbacks to high school. Plus it’s just fun seeing ten cast members move in formation to a marching-band rendition of “Eye of the Tiger.” Through 8/13: Fri-Sat 10:45 PM. Live Bait Theater, 3914 N. Clark, 773-935-2747. $15.