On their Sub Pop debut, Everything All the Time, Band of Horses tread on some of the turf occupied by labelmates the Shins, particularly with Ben Bridwell’s dream-pop vocal melodies and the chiming minor chords he and Mat Brooke layer beneath them. But where the Shins favor tidy resolutions and airtight hooks, Band of Horses let their songs dissolve and fade into a reverb-drenched afterworld. Brooke and Bridwell, the core duo of this Seattle group, write simple but dazzling songs charged with melancholy, yet even in their most volcanic moments there’s something delicate and trembling hiding behind the walls of guitar; it’s like they have to muster every ounce of mettle they’ve got just to find the nerve to bash a little. The guys have a pedigree of cool to be sure, having played in the much-loved hometown-phenom band Carissa’s Weird. (Bridwell is also partly responsible for bringing a li’l act called Iron & Wine to Sub Pop’s attention.) Band of Horses are currently touring as a quintet, so they should be fully capable of replicating the album’s squall. They’ll also perform as the backing band for Mt. Egypt, who open both Band of Horses shows. See also Wednesday. Tue 6/6, 7 PM, Schubas, 3159 N. Southport, 773-525-2508, sold out. All ages.