Best Eyewear Shop: Eye Spy Optical

The Reader’s Choice: Eye Spy Optical

Glasses can be expensive, even before you get to the bits that help you see, and Eye Spy isn’t the first shop to try if you’re looking for a deal. But we’re talking about something that you might be wearing on your face 18 hours a day, and if you want a statement of personal style and not simply a medical device, you’re in the right place. Eye Spy carries limited-edition handmade frames by European and Asian brands (Anne et Valentin, Theo, Persol) in kooky, glam, and serious architect styles. I haven’t worn my boring black glasses out of the house in years, but I would be willing to bypass my contacts once in a while for those leopard-print frames from Lafont. The staff at this independently owned shop know the products well and offer skilled help in choosing frames to fit your face, with no compunction about being amusingly blunt when necessary. They’ll even take a picture of you in your prospective eyewear so you don’t have to squint six inches from the mirror to see how you look in them. One bummer: they don’t accept insurance. But they do offer layaway and their own credit card. 3350 N. Lincoln, 773-477-2670, —Heather Kenny

&Our readers’ choice: Eye Spy Optical