What Christopher Durang calls his “sunniest” play (relatively speaking, of course–on his brightest day he’s 20 shades darker than Neil Simon) confirms that therapists are crazier than anyone. Prudence and Bruce, brought together by a personal ad, negotiate their relationship with, or despite, the help of batty shrinks. Though Durang’s absurd conversation (“I don’t think men should cry unless something falls on them”) and the introduction of Bruce’s male live-in lover add some interest and intrigue, the emotional stakes are minimal. Prudence becomes a bit more enlightened in her efforts to prioritize romance and cat companionship while the others wallow in one-note struggles: a few characters grow more endearing, like Catherine Ann Sullivan’s slaphappy Dr. Charlotte, but most wear thin. Selected dates through 9/25: see www.chicagoreader.com. Metropolis Performing Arts Centre, 111 Campbell, Arlington Heights, 847-577-2121. $27-$37.