Several years ago Paula Killen was all over this town. And it was easy to see much of what she did as shameless self-promotion–a lot of it was. But she also spent a fair amount of time mentoring other performers, among them Lisa Buscani, Cin Salach, and Karol Kent–featuring them in revues she hosted at Club Lower Links, Bailiwick Repertory, the Curious Theatre Branch, and Metro. How important she was to the scene can be measured by how much things slowed down when she moved back to Los Angeles a few years ago. But happily the natural-born curator has returned for the occasional show–and now for another edition of her Big Goddess Pow Wow, whose last incarnation was three years ago. An anthology developed to show off the talents of local women performers, this time it features several who’ve appeared in previous powwows: Buscani, Salach, Marcia Wilkie, Cheryl Trykv, and wickedly funny comedian Reno. It’s a measure of how good Killen’s eye for talent is to see how many of her regulars have gone on to do interesting work: lesbian artist Wilkie, for example, wrote for Donny and Marie Osmond’s surprisingly genuine talk show, recently canceled. Also included will be a pregnant women’s beauty contest–Killen herself is “very pregnant,” according to a press release. The evening is part of “New Play 2000,” a four-month festival of new work presented by the Prop Theatre Group and the National New Plays Network. Metro, 3730 N. Clark, Chicago, 773-549-0203. Saturday, July 1, 8 PM. $20. Note: Pregnant patrons who wish to participate in the beauty contest should call 773-486-7767 for more information. –Jack Helbig