When I ran into writer-performer Danny Thompson last week at a play reading, his face was buried behind Newt Gingrich’s sci-fi thriller, 1945. “I love this,” he gushed. “Turn to any page and it’s terrible.” Gingrich, the techno-legislator who looks forward to presiding over a virtual Congress one day (as if he doesn’t already), would probably say something similar about Thompson’s Big-Tooth High-Tech Megatron vs. the Sockpuppet of Procrastination, an hour-long high-camp skewering of America’s love affair with technology. Thompson’s anal-retentive computer and unrelenting video monitor try to impose order, regularity, and predictability on his scrappy artistic existence, in the process editing his irreverent puppet shows–the stand-in for Mayor Daley is a package of bologna–into warm and fuzzy family entertainment. Thompson never panders to the rampant technophobia that has recently saturated Hollywood (not to mention 35,000 words’ worth of the Washington Post). Instead he playfully reminds us that sophisticated electronics make certain aspects of our lives easier but at the expense of idiosyncrasy and humor–two qualities that make humans like Thompson irreplaceable. Lunar Cabaret and Full Moon Cafe, 2827 N. Lincoln, 327-6666. Through October 27: Fridays, 8 PM. $5, “more if you’ve got it, free if you’re broke.”