A working-class accent and persona come easily to Irish-American Bill Burr. Fidgety and loose onstage, he saunters around with an unpretentious confidence. Though he lacks a gift for voices and impressions and suggests he wasn’t the smartest kid in school, he’s an engaging storyteller. In his Boston-area Catholic family his parents argued a lot, and his father would openly complain about his mom. Burr says his dad might begin, “Is it raining?” then add, “Christ, it’s the same thing with your mother–that woman is a dark cloud hanging over my life.” The Catholic church is a popular punching bag for comics, but Burr makes a point about its resilience: “You think if they were fuckin’ kids at Wal-Mart they could sell rakes the next day? Just try to play it off, like ‘Yeah, we had a little problem in aisle eight.'” With recent spots on Comedy Central (including Chappelle’s Show and Shorties Watchin’ Shorties) and late-night talk shows, Burr is hovering just under the radar. a Wed-Thu 3/7-3/8, 7:30 PM, Zanies, 1548 N. Wells, 312-337-4027, $25. All shows 2 dr. min.