The ninth edition of the annual festival of black independent film continues from Friday, August 10, through Sunday, August 12, at the Film Center, Art Institute, Columbus Drive at Jackson. Tickets are $5, $3 for Blacklight, Film Center, and Jazz Institute members. For more information call 509-2981 or 443-3737.


STEEL BANDS FROM TRINIDAD and SHADOW: THE BASSMAN A Caribbean double bill: Daniel Verba and Jean-Jacques Mrejen’s French documentary about carnival time in Trinidad and Tobago (1988), and Albert Bailey’s English documentary about the social roots and recent developments of calypso (1989). Both films are about an hour long. (6:00)

TONGUES UNTIED and TWILIGHT CITY Marlon Riggs’s 54-minute U.S. film about gay, black male identity, Tongues Untied, features rap, poetry, song, dance, humor, and personal testimony (1990). John Akomfrah’s 52-minute English film, Twilight City, uses a fictional letter by a daughter to her long-lost mother, read offscreen, to structure a personal look at being black in contemporary London, which includes historical footage and dream sequences (1989). (8:30)


THE VOODOO CIRCLE and TROUBLE BEHIND The Voodoo Circle is a 52-minute documentary by Elsie Haas, a Haitian living in Paris, made immediately after the departure of Duvalier (1987). Trouble Behind is a 45-minute U.S. documentary by Robby Henson about a 1919 race riot in a Kentucky town that resulted in 200 black Americans being forced to leave. (3:30)

SMALL TIME An independent feature by Chicago native Norman Loftis, shot in black and white on the streets of New York, about a young black petty criminal (Richard Barboza) and his relationships with other criminals, his girlfriend (Carolyn Kinebrew), and his mother. (6:00)

THE ORPHAN Mamo Cisse’s film from Mali, about a governor recalling his humble beginnings and his struggle to get an education (1989). On the same program, Hidden Farms, a short film from South Africa (1989). (8:30)


OTHELLO Ted Lange stars and makes his directorial debut in this adaptation of a stage production of the Shakespeare play featuring black actors in the roles of Othello, Iago (Hawthorne James), and Emilia. (1989). (3:30)

THE VOODOO CIRCLE See listing under Saturday, August 11. On the same program, Anita Addison’s Savannah, a short film about a high-fashion model and her great aunt, who reclaims her as high priestess for the Geechees on Saint John’s Island (1989). (6:00)

SMALL TIME See listing under Saturday, August 11. (8:30)