The seventh edition of the annual festival of black independent film continues from Friday, August 5, through Sunday, August 7, at the DuSable Museum of African American History, 740 E. 56th Pl., 947-0600; at the Film Center, Art Institute, Columbus Drive at Jackson, 443-3737; and at Facets Multimedia Center, 1517 W. Fullerton, 281-4114. Tickets are $5, $3 for Blacklight Film Center, and DuSable Museum members. For more information, call 922-7771.

AIME CESAIRE–THE MASK OF WORDS The black surrealist poet Aime Cesaire, who was born in Martinique, is the subject of Sarah Maldoror’s 1987 short feature, a French-Guadeloupean production, which also includes appearances by Alex Haley, Maya Angelou, and Senegalese poet and statesman Leopold Senghor. On the same program, Glenn Ujebe Masokoane’s British documentary about South African black youth and resistance, We Are the Elephant (1987). (Film Center, Sunday, August 7, 4:00)

ART BLAKEY: THE JAZZ MESSENGER Dick Fontaine’s new British documentary feature about the famous jazz drummer. Among the musicians interviewed are Horace Silver, Wayne Shorter, Roy Haynes, and Dizzy Gillespie. The film also documents a recent trip Blakey took to England, where he is seen working and performing with a group of young black jazz musicians. (Film Center, Saturday, August 6, 4:00)

BIRD NOW See Critic’s Choice. (Film Center, Saturday, August 6, 6:00)

BLACK WOMEN’S FILMS A program of four shorts: two works-in-progress by Zeinubu Irene Davis (a documentary on a woman jazz trumpeter and an experimental film), Pamela Jones’s Grown (a young girl meets a man in a park), and Carmen Coustaut’s Extra Change (a young girl steals money for junk food when her friends tease her about being skinny). (DuSable Museum, Monday, August 8, 7:00)

DIXIELAND DAIMYO See Critic’s Choice. (Film Center, Sunday, August 7, 8:00)

FOR QUEEN AND COUNTRY Denzel Washington (Cry Freedom) stars in this new British thriller by Martin Stellman about a black veteran who returns from nine years in the British army to encounter poverty and racism in London. A West Indian by birth, he finds that he is unable to renew his passport because of a new law, in spite of his long service to Britain. A U.S. premiere. (Film Center, Saturday, August 7, 6:00)

JUJU MUSIC A form of Nigerian pop music–which combines elements of Western pop music, Latin syncopation, and traditional tribal folk forms–is the subject of this feature-length documentary by Jacques Holender. Performances by King Sunny Ade and Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey are included. On the same program, Marie Angela Keller’s short Minstrels follows three black street comics performing on the Venice boardwalk in southern California. (Film Center, Saturday, August 6, 7:45)

NEW BLACK INDEPENDENTS Three recent shorts by black independent filmmakers: Yule Caise’s Shoes (1987), about two young black boys who work all summer in a restaurant’s basement in order to buy expensive clothes, is described as “a contemporary reflection on greed and materialism in the face of inequality,” Tim Lewis’s Serving Two Masters (1987) follows an encounter between a homeless panhandler who steals a cab and a black businessman who has sold out by allowing himself to be used by his company as a token black figurehead. Rounding out the program is Reggie Hudlin’s 1985 Cold Waves. (Film Center, Friday, August 5, 6:00)

NEW BLACK WOMEN DIRECTORS In her Older Women and Love (1987), Camille Billops interviews five women of different ethnic backgrounds between the ages of about 35 and 70. Flora M’mbugu’s From Sun Up (1986) is a documentary by a Tanzanian woman about the multiple roles of women in her country, made by an all-African crew. Martina Attille’s Dreaming Rivers, an English narrative film, focuses on a Caribbean family that has been split up by migration. (Film Center, Friday, August 5, 8:15)

OBEAH The late Hugh Robertson, who edited such films as Midnight Cowboy and Shaft, settled in Trinidad at the end of his life, making this film, which concerns a mother’s love and voodoo, in 1986. (Facets Multimedia Center, Tuesday, August 9, 7:00 and 9:00)

SCIENCE FICTION AND OTHER VIDEO WORKS S. Torriano Berry will present a program of horror and science fiction videos: Deadly Realities, The Connection, Coming of the Saturnites, and The Light. (DuSable Museum, Monday, August 8, 9:00)